Facts and figures per theme

Aeres has solid knowledge of several topics within the green domain. Look for yourself in these facts and figures:

Our world of Applied Biology

Due to the increasing world population, natural ecosystems are under increasing pressure, with impact on our living environment. Aeres actively contributes to a liveable and sustainable environment for humans animals. Young people who care about nature will find a wide range of courses at Aeres covering areas such as sustainable management, soil science, landscape management, geology, water management and microbiology. 

Our world of Companion Animals

A majority of Dutch households have one or more companion animals. Good animal care and animal health strengthens the bond between people and animals. Aeres combines education and research with unique practical facilities, resulting in a broad range of education options relating to companion animal health, care and welfare. By working closely with the business community, our students do their learning in the context of the sector in which they will find employment.

Our world of Flowers

The Netherlands is truly a flower country. In our floristry courses, creativity and craftsmanship go hand in hand. Aeres works with the flower trade to develop inspiring vocational education that stands out on the world stage. Environmentally-conscious flower production, packaging and transport is becoming increasingly important in the floristry sector. Thereore sustainability is an integral part of our teaching programmes to prepare future floristry professionals for a versatile, future-proof career.

Our world of Food

With a growing world population, providing sufficient – and healthy – food is a challenge. Due to innovative technologies sustainable food production is under continious developement. Our students and researchers contribute to meeting these challenges and work closely with those in professional practice. Whether you’re interested in production, information & advice, consumption or product development: Aeres trains professionals who know their way around the (international) food world.

Our world of Green Space

The current generation is growing up in a time in which the green living environment is under pressure. In 2050, 80% of people will live in cities. A green and liveable city makes an important contribution to our health, as research from our Green & Vital City research group shows. At all levels of education, Aeres trains professionals who contribute to the design, experience and maintenance of the green landscape. 

Our world of Horses

Aeres is committed to further professionalize equestrian sector, at all levels of education and in adult education too. Starting from horse classes for lower secondary professional education to intermediate vocational education, higher professional education and (inter)national training centres. This makes Aeres the Dutch equine education provider.

Our world of Livestock Production

Livestock production is anchored in the roots of our organisation. Climate issues mean that the agricultural sector is under pressure. Aeres makes an active contribution to the transition in the agricultural field through practice-based research from the higher professional education research groups. At all levels of education, we train enterprising professionals who are able to – and want to – make a substantial contribution to a future-proof (international) agricultural sector.

Our world of Plantbased Production

The Netherlands is known around the world for its profound knowledge of horti- and agriculture. Aeres educates national and international students for research- or practival oriented  carreers in the context of future-proof and sustainable ways of growing crops and doing business. This offers plenty of challenges for students and graduates in the field of, amongst others, healthy soil and crops, breeding, circular agriculture and data management.

Our world of Technology

Technological innovations have a leading position in the green domain. Almost every green programme has a technology component, such as smart farming with drones, milking robots, GPS systems on tractors and farmbots. Aeres applies new technology for all programme levels for the green change agents of the future. Agricultural engineering is booming and offers plenty of prospects for vocational students.