Aeres project Myanmar

Introducing Aeres

Aeres offers a variety of activities in the green sector, from education and research programmes to development projects, innovation projects, commercial courses and services.


Projects & cooperations

Aeres is contributing to international projects of NGO’s, stimulating Dutch students to improve their international skills and learning from others.


Studies, courses and trainings

Aeres provides regular education (TVET, Bachelor and Master) and a wide range of training courses. The fields of interest vary from primary agriculture to engineering and from intensive farming to biodynamic agriculture or styling & design.

Talent for growth

Learning is the engine of growth and change. Whether you're at school, university, or working, Aeres constantly motivates you to develop even further. We challenge you to keep learning and to develop your knowledge and skills in working with 'life'. Hence our slogan, 'Talent for Growth!'