Mission and vision

Our mission

Learning is the engine of growth and change. Whether you're at school, university, or working, Aeres constantly motivates you to develop even further. We challenge you to keep learning and to develop your knowledge and skills in working with 'life'. Hence our slogan, 'Talent for Growth!'

Our vision

The Netherlands leads the world in knowledge and expertise on food, living environment and the green sector. International themes such as world food security and a liveable environment are high on the agenda. Global developments lead to an increasing need for professionals in these fields. We believe that co-operation between organisations, professionals and students will broaden the knowledge base, which in turn paves the way for meaningful solutions for the future.

Our foundation

Aeres is built on both a general Christian and neutral foundation. Based on the cohesion between pedagogy and religious or philosophical choices, we demonstrate our social responsibility within society.


'Talent for growth' is the title of the strategic direction we have chosen. The focus is always on the connection between the green sector and the knowledge institution. There are three main spearheads:

  • 'lifelong development';
  • 'educational innovation with ICT';
  • 'transitions in the green sector'.