Fields of expertise

Aeres distinguishes itself through its employees, with a clear substantive focus on the green domain. This focus reinforces mutual cohesion within the organisation and is leading for development and innovation. The choice for green also provides concrete support for pupils, students, organisations, fellow institutions and the government.

The green domain is constantly developing and faces several significant challenges. There are many shades of 'green', including within Aeres. Aeres has chosen a number of content-related knowledge areas in its range of education, research and services. The extent to which a knowledge area is implemented differs per organisational unit or location. It concerns the following knowledge areas:

  • Agrofood and entrepreneurship
  • Learning and development
  • Green and healthy living environment
  • Animals and animal health
  • Horticulture, styling and design
  • Food
  • Technology

Facts and figures 

Aeres operates in the green domain with a key focus on agriculture, applied biology, flower, food, companion animals and horses. 
These affiliated themes have an institute-wide coverage. All Aeres departments are set up to have a clear connection to the green domain, with wide spread activities as educational locations, studies, research and practice facilities. 

More facts and figures per theme