Examples of finished projects

In the past, Aeres has completed several successful projects around the world. These projects were executed in collaboration with the private sector, government organisations, non-profit organisations and NGOs. They varied from developing teaching materials to training students and teachers, co-creation of a curriculum and contributions to educational quality management.

Aeres Ethiopia project

Contributors in this project are teachers, students, trainers and (business) partners from the Aeres Group. Aim of the project was to create a place where disadvantaged youth can get an agricultural vocational education and where farmers can gather information on modern agricultural farming. Extra aim was to enlarge the international focus on international relations within Dutch education.


The Leonardo project EcoPreneurship is a co-operation between educational institutes from Norway, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Aeres took part with the TVET location Dronten, the Netherlands. This school for vocation education is specialised in biodynamic agriculture.


Peer review

Instructors of eight Ethiopian universities and representatives from the agricultural sector took part in a workshop that used the peer review method to evaluate the bachelor program they developed. The workshop is one of the activities in the Nuffic project 'Supporting the development of Commercial Agriculture Programmes at now eight Ethiopian Universities'.

Development teaching materials

Poultry houses

Natural resources are an asset to a country. The focus of this project in Ethopia is to contribute to better park management and wildlife conservation by bringing forth better graduates (in terms of quantity and quality) at ATVET level. Attention is also paid to natural resources in general.



Quick scan Myanmar

Based on observations and interviews there are identified strong points, points to be strengthened and opportunities are listed. The recommendations are formulated aiming at strengthen agricultural education and advise on how the Netherlands agricultural education can contribute to the development of education and training by the SAI.


Transferable Competences

The paper on Transferable Competences presents the results of comparative research between the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.
The subject of the research was the degree of student satisfaction with the acquired transferable competences and the subjective students’ view of the degree to which transferable competences are significant for the employability of an individual at the job market.