Marjan Nijbanning Pot visited several agricultural secondary schools in Uganda. She was supported by an Edukans grant. A short impression of a parttime student of Aeres University UA, (before faculty Stoas Wageningen). A unique experience.

“Observation of teachers at Agricultural Secondary schools in North Uganda. Contribution to improvement of didactical skills of teachers to enhance active learning, entrepreneurial skills, and giving feedback and dealing with feedback.

The agricultural courses are addressed to modern technics and entrepreneurship in agriculture but the existing vocational education does not meet the demands of today. With new knowledge and skills, trained by usage of activating didactical approaches youngsters from the ex-war areas can start-up new businesses.

I got a grant from Edukans and I asked Dutch companies to sponsor me. I formulated my personal goals for my own learning process, including awareness and achievement of cross cultural competences. These competences are crucial for “future work skills” in education, my own profession as teacher in Dutch Green education. I realized these goals. It was a unique experience. The activities in Uganda are part of my learning units ‘personal development’ and ‘development of ‘learning and teaching materials’, both part of the final year of study. “

Marjan Nijenbanning-Pot.
Part time student Education & Knowledge management ‘Green Care & Education”