Building TVET capacities for youth employment in agrofood chains in Benin

This project will contribute to food security and nutrition in Benin by strengthening the training program of agricultural high schools. Their graduates will have integrated agricultural issues based on the needs of the labour market in an entrepreneurial logic.

The project will build on the already existing synergy between Dutch and Beninese partners in 3 regions. The 10 agricultural high schools will be associated with three universities. In each pole, 2 key sectors will associate an university, high schools and private actors.

At the start of the project, a participatory diagnosis of the sub-sectors will be carried out which will identify the needs of the labour market, innovations, etc.

The training offer of high schools will be analysed and reinforced for practical lessons in line with realities of the actors and labour market needs. Technical innovations will be integrated: Assessment of Professional Competences, learning centred on the student, lifelong education, internships, incubators, etc.


Long term impact:
Reduce malnutrition and stimulate innovation to promote agricultural growth.

Medium-term impact:
Educational and technical training establishments and vocational TVET/HE, in Benin and the Netherlands, perform their essential tasks better, firmly rooted in the environment in which they operate in response to labour market and inclusive needs.


  • The educational programs of agricultural high schools respond to the needs of the labour market.
  • Teachers are trained to train students with a competency-based and student-centred approach.
  • Consistency and collaboration between agricultural high schools and universities is ensured.
  • The management of agricultural high schools in terms of good governance, professional relationships, gender and social inclusion is improved.
  • Continuous feedback on agricultural high school programs and the offer of practical internships is guaranteed.
  • A process of internationalization of high school education and higher education between Benin and the Netherlands is established.


  • Teachers of agricultural high schools and universities and managers of agricultural high schools
  • Teachers from the AERES Institute and researchers from WCDI, ICRA and KIT

Final beneficiaries:
Students and alumni of agricultural high schools, university alumni, employers and employees in companies (agricultural cooperatives, processing units, food distributors) and the targeted agricultural value


  • Lycée Agricole de Mèdji de Sekou (LAMS)
  • University Abomey Calavi
  • University of Parakou