East African regional network for the dairy excellence in dairy training (EARNED)

EARNED will improve institutional, organizational and individual capacity to offer blended and practical training in dairy production, processing and business in the East African Region (EAR) and the Netherlands (NL).

It will create an inspirational learning and innovation environment to support existing curricula, deepen partnerships between education, private sector, government and civil society in the EAR and NL, and provide a common platform to connect members interested in training at both formal (TVET) and informal (farmer, advisor) levels in the NL and EAR.

Partners in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda are collectively well placed to lead dairy training in the EAR. They will spearhead dairy training communities in the region, including additional TVETs as well as private advisory/training companies, universities, dairy cooperatives, government and civil society.


General outcome:

TVET/HE organisations (in the selected partner countries and in the NL) perform better their core tasks, firmly embedded in their environment, in line with country / regional specific labour market needs & aiming at inclusiveness.

Specific outcomes:

  • Education system (TVET/HE) is of good quality, relevant and accessible (SDG 4).
  • Partnerships between persons and organisations are inclusive and sustainable (SDG 17).
  • Organisations key to (sectoral) inclusive development of partner countries are strengthened by inflow of enhanced workforce.


  • A regional dairy learning and investment community, consisting of a network of improved functional linkages, between key stakeholders.
  • A learning platform, which integrates blended-learning modules to 2 'learning pathways'.
  • Focal dairy training institutions, capable of continued development, adaptation and use of the dairy blended learning platform.
  • A pool of qualified instructors, competent in using and training others in the use of blended learning pathways to develop practical skills, knowledge and attitudes.
  • Documented lessons learned for innovation, through NL-EA Learning and Action Teams.


  • Students receiving TVET, University education in dairy, also dairy advisors (extension agents) and farmer trainers (e.g. on Practical Dairy Training Farms).
  • Small-scale men and women dairy farmers in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.