A statement due to the instability and uncertainty in Myanmar.

Strengthening of vocational education and training for food security 

This 4 year project concerns strengthening of 14 State Agricultural Institutes (SAI's) by providing hands-on support with curriculum review, teacher development and ICT needs, which will involve ample technical, subject matter expertise transfer and information exchange between The Netherlands and Myanmar.

This aims at tailoring the curricula of the schools more to specific agricultural conditions of the regions they are situated in. Further, the project ensures that the SAI curricula are better attuned to labour market needs: concrete job profiles and actual job needs.


General Outcome:
Sustainable food security and economic growth meeting national needs.

Specific Outcomes:

  1. At the end of the project the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation (MoALI) including the Centres for Agricultural Research & Training (CARTC) and State Agricultural Institutes (SAI) Division will have the academic and organisational capacity to develop curricula for the SAI's in a number of topics like plant protection, horticulture, floriculture, seed production, irrigation systems, soil and water management, etc.
  2. At the end of the project the 5 pilot State Agricultural Schools (SAI's) are able to develop, implement and maintain an agricultural educational programme with regional specializations that delivers female and male graduates that respond to the demands of the labour market.


  • The development of a labour market driven Agricultural Vocational Education and Training (ATVET) policy.
  • Occupational standards (extension worker, small holder entrepreneur) are developed.
  • Linkages are made with relevant stakeholders.
  • The establishment of regional and national advisory boards staff of MoALI and the ATVET schools are capacitated to develop labour market oriented and competency based curricula and teaching and learning materials.
  • Development of new curricula and programs for ATVET (State Agricultural Institutes).
  • An Educational Support Team (EST) is established and strengthened.
  • ICT is used for learning by establishment of Classroom2020 at the pilot school.
  • The revised 3-year curriculum and program is implemented at all 15 State Agricultural Institutes since November 2019, although this is an ongoing process.


MoALI extension staff, teachers of selected SAI's, SAI students, agribusiness and the society


Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Irrigation (MoALI) in Myanmar