Food Tech Indonesia (FTI) is a public-private initiative combining the strengths of Dutch companies (mainly SME's) active in the poultry value chain to improve and strengthen the poultry sector in Indonesia, in close cooperation with their Indonesian counterparts.

The Food Tech Indonesia consortium comprises leading complementary (non competitive) parties from various steps in the Dutch poultry value chain, which enables to provide Indonesian companies integrated solutions.

The consortium will share best practices by establishing demonstration broiler and layer farms and provide training, showing that investments in Dutch products and solutions are commercially attractive and applicable to the Indonesian needs.


Objectives of the project:
Further strengthen the commercial positioning of the project partners as leading suppliers of innovative and integrated solutions for stakeholders in the poultry value chain in Indonesia. In parallel, the project contributes to the capacities of the stakeholders in the poultry sector by transferring knowledge and skills and demonstrating best practices.


Output area 1: Studies
Market and (pre) feasibility studies

Output area 2: Demonstrations
Joint visits to Indonesian poultry companies in preparation of 2 demonstration projects; implementation, monitoring and evaluation of demonstration projects

Output area 3: Marketing and business development support


Indonesian poultry companies, farmers and business support providers


Clarity Research Indonesia


The Food Tech Indonesia initiative has been developed and is coordinated by Larive International together with its Indonesia based affiliate Clarity Research. The Consortium receives funding from The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (RVO) within the framework of the Partners for International Business and Impact Clusters programs.

The following sector experts active in the poultry value chain have joined the consortium: Aeres, De Heus, DSM, Hato, Kanters, Marel Poultry, Mavitec, Moba, Pas Reform, Trouw Nutrition and Van Aarsen.