Myanmar-Poultry Health and Disease Control

This training project in Poultry Health and Disease Control will be provided in 3 different locations:

  • South Myanmar (Yangon region)
  • Central Myanmar (Mandalay region)
  • East Myanmar (Taunngyi region)

Per location there will be 30-35 participants trained in collaboration with Myanmar Livestock Federation and the Yezin Agricultural University.

After the first training participants will have to execute an assignment which will be the starting point for the second training. The participants will be coached by the trainers during their assignment. During the second training there will be also assignments in the field on location supported by a multi-disciplinary team of Yezu Agricultural University, Aeres Training Centre International and Royal GD.


Objectives of the project:
Further strengthening of the poultry sector in Myanmar by training of poultry health and disease control


Output area 1: Biosecurity and business management
Strengthening knowledge related to biosecurity and adaptation of companies

Output area 2: Disease recognition and control
Application of appropriate medication and vaccination protocols

Output area 3: Disease surveillance programs and data collection
Monitoring, data gathering and management and planning of treatment of diseases


Poultry farmers, local extension workers, veterinaries and teachers of the Yezin Agricultural University