India: Creating Livelihood opportunities for women, youngsters and small farmers through poultry farming in the Nanded district, India

This TMT for the staff members of Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal, a village based voluntary organisation, will focus on broiler management like housing, climate, water, feed, hygiene , health and data recording. This will be done by a blended learning approach: training of practical; skills supported by theoretical knowledge and making use of classroom techniques, e-learning and a practical assignment. Part of the training will be that the participants will be put in the position of trainers and they will practice this with representatives of the target groups, demonstrating their knowledge and training skills.


Expected results:

The TMT will contribute to the following SDG’s:

SDG 1 : No poverty: reduce the exposure of the poor and those in vulnerable situations

SDG 2:  Zero Hunger:

SDG 5:  Gender Equality: ensure women’s full participation

SDG 12: Ensure responsible consumption and production patterns