Indonesia: Capacity Building of Lecturers of Kupang State Agricultural Polytechnic (KSAP)

Development of the Dairy Value Chain in Indonesia through enhanced capacity of lecturers

Through this TMT there will a capacity building among lecturers and trainers of the KSAP  to develop/modernise curricula related to dairy. This will result in better educated students and rural communities in the involved area of the polytechnic institute. The TMT will address the following capacity constraints:


  • Dairy Farm management, small holder as well as large scale farms;
  • Dairy Farm Economics, farms records, management and entrepreneurship
  • Dairy Value Chain analysis and development of improvements plans;
  • Milk quality control systems, quality based milk payment
  • Milk storage, transport and processing
  • Competence Based Learning principles

Expected results:

The existing curricula in dairy farm management/development of dairy chains of the Dairy Sciences Department of the KSAP will be re-designed and brought in line with CBL principles.

Beyond the TMT project

During the TMT it will be explored whether participating parties could become a member of the E-learning platform specialising in Dairy Value Chain where they can also share their experiences.

Participants will be added to the Aeres International alumni data base and will receive newsletters. They will also be invited to participate in regional refresher courses.