Sri Lanka: Improving the quality of milk in the local dairy value chains in Katmale Dairy Products Ltd. (KDP)

KDP is a local dairy procuring and processing organisation linked to 1000 small scale farmers (1-10 cows). The organisation is processing raw milk into UHT milk, pasteurised milk, yoghurt, cheese and ice cream. They have problems to sustain the quality of their products. This TMT will focus on the analysis techniques, laboratory testing techniques , milk quality control, milk processing, dairy cattle nutrition and breeding, farm economics and training of farmers which will be discussed in the following modules:

1. Dairy Value Chian

2. Dairy farm economics and management

3. Training of Katmale extension workers

4. Follow up programme during which assignments will be discussed and assessed


Expected results:

As KDP is the most important stakeholder in the dairy value chain of Sri Lanka and will plays a very important role to further develop the value chain on regional and national level by applying the gained knowledge and skill of this TMT.