European Food Business goes to Italy



The study tour started early in the morning with a food walking tour in Milano, in which the students got plenty of food to taste. Such as Italian Risotto, filled with Mozzarella cheese, Prociutto Di Parma and Culatello di Zibello, meatballs, pizza, breads and of course Gelato. At the end of the tour, the students received a tour around the Eataly store. This store is compared to an International Supermarket, specialized with high quality Italian products. The students enjoyed this visit so much, that they went to the Eataly store in Turin as well at the end of the week.


This group of European Business students (Aeres University AS Dronten) will study in their third year for 7 months at the Catholic University of Piacenza. While being in Italy, it is nice to see where the students will be staying and have a taste of life there. The students received a lecture about Viticulture (wine) and Italian Food Agriculture. In these lectures the students were taught the difference between a PDO (protection Designation to Origin) and PGI (Protection Geographical Indication)? Did you know that it is possible to taste the difference in wine, if the grapes were grown on a different side of a mountain?

The next day, the university had organized an excursion day to a Grana Padano Cheese producer (PDO!), the “Alma” Italian High Standard cuisine private school, a delicious lunch at special restaurant “Al Vedel”, that produces their own Culatello di Zibello (also PDO) in their own cellar. For the students it was a way to get familiar with the information taught to them in the previous day.

Turin – Salone del Gusto

Every 2 years there is a Salone del Gusto event in Turin. Also during the days that we were visiting Italy. We joined a lecture about food waste and received a walking tour around the festival area with some extra tasting of specific products. All food companies exposing themselves were excited to hear about our European Food Business Major and provided extra tasting to most of the students!

italy cheese factory aeres

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