First year IFB students go to Scotland to meet their Canadian classmates


The students are looking forward to visiting Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aviemore and Inverness in 1 week. On the first night they have met their Canadian classmates from Dalhousie University. In the second year of the International Food Business program, the Canadian students will study for 1 year in the Netherlands. In the third year the students studying in the Netherlands will go to Canada for 1 year.

Except for getting familiar with each other, the students have visited Scottish Rural University College, Graham's The Family Dairy and Albert Barlett potatoes. The students had some more free time in Aviemore, our hostel was located near a mountain, which all students climbed! However, their study assignments were not forgotten. The students had to prepare a presentation and keep track of their personal learning goals, which means keeping a journal.

Another welcoming visit was Glenmorangie Scottish Whiskey distillery to taste their famous single malt whiskey and learn more about how it is brewn. One of the Canadian seniors has a friend in Scotland, who owns a cattle farm and all students were loaded in a truck to drive around the fields and see the different kinds of breeds.

Unfortunately the students had to say goodbye to each other (for now!), but they have had very good days. This week in Scotland has taught the students what International Food Business is about, Scottish food and culture, English language and overseas friendships! 


IFB Scotland

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