Announcement for Researchers in Residence program


Announcement for Researchers in Residence program offered by the city of Almere, Netherlands in co-operation with Aeres University of Applied Sciences ( Aeres UAS)

Aeres University of Applied Sciences  originally an agricultural university in Dronten, the Netherlands, started a new Faculty in the City of Almere in 2010. The aim of this Faculty is, to offer study programs and to develop research projects focusing on “Growing Green Cities”, with special attention for greening, feeding, healthying and energizing the city.

Almere is a city, next to Amsterdam, located in a new province, that was reclaimed from the sea in the 20th century. The city is only 40 years old, still under development and meant to become the 5th biggest city of the Netherlands. Almere has an ambitious agenda regarding  green, sustainable and future proof urban development. That is why Aeres UAS considers Almere a unique environment for its study programs and research.  Almere is a living lab, with innovative green urban development projects, initiatives for urban agriculture and an ambition to become the healthiest city of the country. In 2022, Almere will host the next Horticulture World Expo, which will support innovative projects regarding the green, healthy environment and urban food supply.  

Aeres UAS and the city of Almere have a close co-operation. The City wants to offer its unique development cases and research projects to researchers from partner universities of Aeres UAS . That’s why Aeres UAS and Almere developed a pilot project called: Researchers in Residence.

We want to select 2-3 researchers from different partner universities, who will be on sabbatical leave in the second part of 2017 and who are interested in executing a research project in Almere, resulting in a  publication. The research topics should, somehow, be related to the urban projects of feeding, greening, healthying or energizing the city. 


Our offer:

  • Access to relevant projects, stakeholders and data, needed for research
  • Academic environment and a place to work in Aeres University Almere. 
  • Contribution to travel expenses ( max € 1400)
  • Free housing for a maximum of 5 months
  • Pocket money of 200 € per month, with a maximum of 5 months
  • A pleasant and dynamic contact with colleagues and students in Aeres University


Interested ?

If you would like to receive more information or if you want to express your interest, please send a mail with an attachment  in which you introduce yourself,  explain your research idea for the case Almere and why you are interested in this research opportunity and indicate how long you could stay with us  in the period between 1st September and 31st December. Send the letter, before 1 May, to  Drs Wil Bekkering, director Aeres UAS, mail address:

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