Why should you choose the Bachelor study programme International Food Business?


To be a student in the International Food Business programme or better known as the “IFB programme” is great!! You want to know why? Here is a list: 

  1. You are in an international programme, which means that you meet various people from all over the world. Students come together from different countries, for example: Germany, South Africa, Switzerland, Egypt and of course the Netherlands.
  2. Everyone has the same goal! Studying together, having a great class together and helping each other.
  3. To be honest, the motto of IFB is: Sharing is caring! 
  4. Everyone is open- minded, is not judging you and is accepting you no matter what you are doing or what you believe in.
  5. All courses are taught in English. The students are so used to speak English that also during leisure time, English is the spoken language and nobody has the feeling to be left out

Also, the fact that you start with a study tour to Scotland, where you meet your follow classmates is the best thing what can happen to you. You meet each other while travelling and you already get to know each other so well while sharing the first experiences in the course together. 

And then I just say: CANADA! You are going to study one year in Canada at the Dalhousie University. This is such a big opportunity to widen your network of friends; also in business relations, because you will do an internship over there. You are going to meet so many new people… That is really exciting! And: you receive a double degree in Business Administration.

You want to read more about the study programme International Food Business? No problem! You can also meet a student during an ´individual day´. 

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Source: International Food Business students
30 March 2017
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