Why do you have to study European Food Business


European Food Business is a Bachelor degree programme offered by Aeres University of Applied Sciences from the Netherlands. The study takes place in Almere, which is a rapidly growing city. So the location is open to sustainable and environmentally friendly innovations which are linked to school assignments.

What do you learn?

In the first and second year students will receive a foundation in business management, marketing, food supply chains and food product development. In the second and third year students will further explore studying in two other European universities and focus on the location where the product is grown and learn about the specific characteristic of the product. The first country is France. The city is Angers which is the greenest city of France. After that the student will go to Piacenza, Italy in the Northern part of Italy where the  Slow Food Movement organization is originally from.
In the fourth year, the students will undertake an internship which can take place in any country in the world. After that, students write their thesis in the fourth year. Following the whole programme the students will be an expert in European Food Business. 



So what happens after the study? After graduating the graduates will be able to set their feet on national or international agri-food businesses. Other possible job options like Market Research Manager, Distribution and Logistics Manager, Corporate Sales Manager, International Sales Consultant, Policy Analyst, International Marketing Manager or becoming an entrepreneur themselves are all opportunities to be explored!
Consumers are asking more about the food they consume. After the training, the EFB students will have the knowledge and capacity to answer these questions and other food related questions by the consumers. Furthermore, students are skilled on how to develop a new product and understand the existing market as well. Students are trained on how to create a sustainable business. Sustainability in terms of reducing waste, increasing profit and adding value to products. EFB students will also develop a skill which will enable them to lead a company in a beneficial way to the environment and society. Moreover, the students are trained how to improve work performance. Besides this, they are also trained on how implement operations and ensure people work effectively and efficiently through the whole business process.



Thus after the European Food Business programme, the sky is the limit!

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Bron: Students of the European Food Business programme
3rd April 2017 

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