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More room for entrepreneurship for international students and researchers


As of 1 April 2017, international students, highly skilled migrants and scientific researchers in the Netherlands are given more room to start their own business.

New employment statuses have been adopted, which allow highly skilled migrants and international students in possession of a valid residence permit to start their own business alongside their job or study. Furthermore, scientific researchers staying in the Netherlands under Directive 2005/71 will gain free access to the Dutch labour market as of 1 April. This means that they, too, are allowed to start their own business or enter into employment alongside their work as a scientific researcher.

If you received one of these residence permits before 1 Arpil 2017, the new employment status automatically applies to you as well, due to a transitional arrangement.

Students, highly skilled migrants and scientific researchers must, however, continue to meet the conditions of their residence permit as their main activity will not change. For example, a student's business activities should not negatively affect his or her study progress.


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11 April 2017

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