Intention to merge Aeres and Nordwin College


The Executive Boards of the educational organisations Aeres and Nordwin College are planning to explore the possibilities of a merger. They signed a declaration regarding this on 8 May. The boards of both organisations believe that there is a good basis for mutual exploration, which should lead to more specific decisions. The preparations for this have been set in motion.

Forming a strong education and knowledge organisation together

Their joint investigation of a merger shows that Aeres and Nordwin College are fully committed to greening. The objective is to work together to create a strong education and knowledge organisation promoting excellence in green education. Both organisations want to combine their development and innovation strengths in this field.

Scope and regional distribution

Nordwin College is an educational institution offering lower secondary professional education, intermediate vocational education and contract education at four locations in Friesland. The organisation has more than 3,300 students, and serves 2,100 course participants each year.

Aeres Groep is a knowledge and education institution with 15 locations across the provinces of Gelderland, Flevoland and Utrecht. It offers a broad educational package including practical education, lower secondary professional education, lower general secondary education, intermediate vocational education, higher professional education, Master's and contract education. The organisation has around 12,000 students, and serves 15,000 course participants each year.

Time frame

If the research shows that a merger offers added value for both parties, then the intention and wish is that the activities of Aeres and Nordwin College will come under the responsibility of one Executive Board and one Supervisory Board in mid-spring 2020. This will be the first step towards the further integration of the two organisations.


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