Aeres Tailer-made Trainings of The Orange Knowledge Program (OKP) of Nuffic


Internationalisation is about more than the increasing influx of foreign students at Aeres. For Aeres, it is a quality norm of good education: it is essential for students who end up in a strongly internationalised field of work and a strongly internationalised future*.

Aeres is working in several platforms of Knowledge & Research institutions and private sector to execute international projects related to “green education” with subsidies from various funding organisations. One of them is the Orange Knowledge Programme from NUFFIC. NUFFIC is a Dutch organization that stands for internationalisation in education (

OKP Nuffic

The Orange Knowledge Program (OKP) of NUFFIC wants to contribute to the sustainable and inclusive development of a society by offering professionals and organizations access to education and training. Local requirements and relevant priority themes are described in the Country Implementation Plans (CPIs) developed for each program country. The programs that are available are based on multiyear partnerships between (knowledge) institutions (the so-called OKP projects). It als offers financing for individual scholarships for professionals, group training - Tailor-Made Training known as TMTs - and alumni activities.

Aeres and OKP TMTs

There are two different types of Tailor-Made Trainings (TMTs), namely the classic short-term TMTs with a maximum budget of 75.000 euros and longer trajects named TMT+ with a budget of around 400.000 euros. There are currently 9 TMTs in progress. You can find them here.

Talent for growth