Aeres University of Applied Sciences Almere's new building features energetic, sustainable design


In August the final design for Aeres University of Applied Sciences Almere's new building was presented. BDG architects, along with staff and students, has designed a green and sustainable building to be proud of. The new school building, the 'Green Lung', will be constructed at the entrance to the Floriade expo. The (literally) green design is a real eye-catcher. The architects are currently finalising the design's details and technical applications.

Smart and energetic

BDG architects describe the new school building as 'smart and energetic'. It features a triple solar energy roof and high-quality insulation on the facade. The facades will feature different qualities depending on the position and orientation. The west side will be equipped with PV panels as solar shading and to generate energy. The east side will be a green facade, which will change colours along with the seasons. The green roof is partly a 'tropical roof' to generate energy, with a number of trees and with water retention. The plants and other greenery on and around the building are watered with the rainwater collected on the roof. This rainwater also serves as a heat and cooling buffer.

An impression of the interior

The interior uses circular materials, including recycled wood for the stairs and concrete granulate. These materials will be easy to reuse again in the future. Inside the building there is also special attention for greenery; green is good for the health – for example when it comes to air purification and moisture balance.




Aeres University of Applied Sciences hopes to be able to teach in the new building starting in the 2021/2022 school year.

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