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Dairy Delta Academy opens digital educational platform for the international dairy industry


Dairy Delta Academy opens from the 15th of December 2020 a digital platform where educational organizations and parties from the dairy industry can offer courses and trainings for the international dairy sector. The platform can be reached here: www.deltadairy-academy.nl.

The foundation Dairy Delta Academy was initiated by Aeres and Bles Dairies and established in June 2020. The purpose of the foundation is to facilitate blended learning pathways in the dairy industry via a modern online platform. The platform can facilitate education and trainings worldwide and is now available for all parties who intend to educate and train (future) dairy professionals. The platform is an efficient way to make advanced (Dutch) knowledge and knowhow available to students and trainees worldwide.

The foundation not only offers the platform itself, but it can also develop materials, trainings and provide tailor made solutions to meet any learning demand, both for the Dutch and international market. This enables local people to provide high quality education and professional trainings. 

Total package

The didactic concept of Dairy Delta Academy is based on a mix of theory, practical training and practical assignments. The learning content is up-to-date and adjusted to the context of the country. Students and trainees log in to the platform and learn in their own learning environment, linked to a personal coach. This entails the possibility to personalize on level and speed of the learning process. Besides that, Dairy Delta Academy offers direct support for schools and training institutions when starting up using the platform. That support focusses among others on optimizing the connection between the online parts and the physical sessions related to theoretical and practical training (skills training).The learning platform is cloud based and deployed on the infrastructure of Brainstud. Dairy Delta Academy contains a blended learning-training for teachers and trainers, helping them to get acquainted with the didactic concept of blended learning and the
usage of the platform. 

Joining the platform

Organizations having interest utilizing the services and/or the digital platform from Dairy Delta Academy itself, can make contact via info@dairydelta.academy. In consultation with the
organization, the best solution will be selected in relation to the concerned learning demand. It is the vision of Dairy Delta Academy that knowledge through lifelong learning is the most essential
factor that contributes to the exponentially growing demand for healthy, nutritious and safe food across the world. The automatic integration of a practical context in the learning concept, enables
Dairy Delta Academy to contribute to the essential need to improve practical skills and knowhow among people active in dairy, all over the world.

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