Dairy Delta Academy: tailor-made knowledge for international dairy farming


Triple Dairy BV creates a distinct profile for itself. Three months after its establishment, the dairy consortium of Bles Dairies, WUR and Aeres is launching a new initiative for tailor-made knowledge for international dairy farming: Dairy Delta Academy.

Dairy farmers are on the threshold of a transition to circularity in farming and climate-friendly farm management practice. Adjusting to this situation often requires structural and radical changes. Triple Dairy will help with this. The company is an initiative by Bles Dairies and entered into a cooperation agreement with Wageningen Livestock Research (WLR), part of Wageningen University & Research (WUR), last week. The Aeres Group Foundation has become a shareholder.
Triple Dairy organises courses in dairy farming with a unique and novel approach, teaching farmers to apply the latest knowledge, insights and innovations regarding dairy farming in their own farm with the help of Blended Learning.

Tailor-made knowledge

In this context, a project has been commissioned by the Top Sector for Knowledge and Innovation Agri & Food. The focus is on the transfer of knowledge to farmyard level. The aim is to improve the availability of up-to-date knowledge and translate this information into practical and economically feasible developments on individual farms. In addition to a need for up-to-date knowledge on soil, crop, cows and manure, there is also a need to develop a strategic perspective and operational skills for individual dairy farmers and their farms. Partial online learning is one new aspect, as well as guidance by a coach and contact afterwards about implementation. Expertise tailored to match individual needs. The courses are given at the WUR's Dairy Campus and at Aeres Farms in Dronten.

International dairy farming

In addition to these courses, which are primarily intended for Dutch dairy farmers, Triple Dairy, together with Dairy Delta Academy (a foundation set up by Aeres and Bles Dairies), is active in the development of learning materials for international dairy farming, education and business. There is a huge demand for expertise, skills and innovation. On a global scale, the demand for sufficient supplies of safe food is growing. In order to increase its impact, Dairy Delta Academy uses a combination of e-learning and practical lessons, so-called Blended Learning. This significantly increases the range while lowering costs. No matter the location, the dairy sector can learn and benefit from Dutch expertise and experience. The starting point is lifelong learning: one should always be able to keep learning through the platform.

Triple Dairy BV

Triple Dairy BV was founded in March of this year by Bles Dairies. It has now become a unique consortium with Aeres and WUR whereby Triple Dairy uses the learning offerings of Dairy Delta Academy. Triple Dairy is located on Dairy Campus, WUR's research and innovation centre.

Dairy Delta Academy

The Dairy Delta Academy foundation was established in early June by Aeres and Bles Dairies. The foundation aims to develop and offer teaching and training material on dairy farming on an international scale. One specific feature is that content will be offered via a digital platform according to the Blended Learning approach. Triple Dairy is the implementation partner of Dairy Delta Academy.


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From left to right: Jurjen Boerrigter (Bles Dairies), Bastiaan Pellikaan (Aeres), Kees de Jong, Nynke Dijkstra, Henk Bles, Harm Holleman (Aeres).

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