ATCI celebrates 50 years of international education in Barneveld


Aeres Training Centre International (ATCI) is 50 years old! ATCI started life as a practical training college in Barneveld and has evolved into an international training centre where students from all over the world can follow professional training in the expertise areas of poultry, pig or cattle farming, feed production and insects.

On 23 November ATCI will celebrate its anniversary with a webinar on the theme of ‘Transition to a future-proof supply of animal protein in Africa’. Numerous national and international speakers will be sharing their thoughts during the webinar, which is free to follow. Sign up using this link.

Leading edge, practice-oriented education

ATCI offers leading edge education based on the philosophy of 'learning by doing'. A practical approach that transforms complex issues into manageable concepts. ATCI combines pragmatic, hands-on training with robust theoretical knowledge. Students can develop and deepen their practical knowledge and strengthen their communication, presentation and writing skills.

Gaining experience in real-life working environments

International students learn through experience and have the opportunity to try things out in real-life working environments. ATCI offers students a wide variety of training facilities, such as the Poultry Innovation Lab (PIL) that houses 1000 layers and 1000 broilers, and the feed production plant on the campus at Aeres MBO Barneveld. Another special training facility is the feed mill. Small groups of students can learn more about the various steps in the milling process and gain practical experience as a modern process operator. Students can also improve their knowledge levels on the nearby training farms.

Training others in their home countries

The students range in age between 25 to 60 years. Although you are never too old to learn, being young has an immense advantage. The ATCI principle is based on students returning to their home countries and training others there, so the younger the student, the more people they can train in turn.
As the opportunity to follow the study programmes at ATCI Barneveld is not available to everyone, Aeres TCI also develops and offers tailor-made programmes in countries all over the world, and also for companies in the Netherlands.

The evolution of ATCI

Interested to see how ATCI evolved over the years into a leading edge, international training centre? Discover our history in this digital timeline

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