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In addition to the general updates that apply throughout Aeres, there are currently specific updates for the following Aeres institutes:

Latest updates Aeres in general

September 15, 2021

Further relaxation of corona measures as of September 25, 2021

The central government has announced important relaxation of the corona measures within education with effect from 25 September. The relaxation is partly possible because the vaccination rate in the Netherlands has risen sharply in recent months. Within Aeres, the relaxations mean the following:

  • The rules still in force regarding keeping a distance of one and a half meters will expire at all locations;
  • Wearing a face mask in the corridors, canteen and other traffic areas is no longer mandatory. The obligation had already expired for teaching situations;
  • Within Aeres MBO and Aeres University of Applied Sciences, the maximum group size of 75 students per independent space where educational activities take place will be abolished.

Stay vigilant

Aeres is happy with the new relaxations but remains vigilant, because the risk of corona infections still exists. Therefore, it still applies:

  • In case of cold complaints: stay at home;
  • The advice to employees, pupils, students and course participants to test themselves twice a week;
  • Extra attention is paid to good ventilation at the locations.

In addition to the increased vaccination rate, continuing to comply with the corona measures that are still in force, helps to strengthen the feeling of safety. Aeres continues to follow the advice and instructions of the central government and calls on everyone to remain vigilant and to continue to follow the directions where necessary.

General information

Attention: this information has been updated on Monday August 23, 2021.

In December 2019 the outbreak of the coronavirus started in the Wuhan region in China. Since then it is detected in many countries and measures are taken worldwide to prevent the coronavirus from further spreading. Aeres is following the national guidelines of the Ministery of Foreign Affairs (travel advice) and the RIVM, the national Institute for Public Health and the Environment.

Important information about the coronavirus and, more specific, the measures Aeres takes in case of emergency, will be shared on this page. All Aeres schools and locations follow these guidelines and measures.

Contagiousness and symptoms

Patients infected with the coronavirus have a fever and respiratory symptoms, such as a cough, shortness of breath and pneumonia. 

Prevent infection or virus spreading:

  • wash your hands on a regularly basis;
  • sneeze or cough in your elbow, not in your hands;
  • use paper tissues;
  • don’t shake hands;
  • stay at home when you show cold or flu symptoms.

Contact your GP (doctor’s office) if:
you have a fever above 38 degrees with respiratory symptoms (coughing or shortness of breath)

DO NOT visit the GP (doctor’s office) but contact them by phone and follow their instructions.

Visit the website of the RIVM for more information.


Aeres also follows the advice of the Dutch government with regard to its travel policy. As a result, it is currently possible to travel for work or study to countries designated by the government with the codes 'green' or 'yellow' at the time of departure. There is no travel to countries with the red or orange codes. An up-to-date overview of the color codes per country can be found here.
For students who are staying abroad, or who have booked a trip, they themselves bear the risk with regard to any costs when the code of a country changes from green or yellow to red or orange.


Check out the sites mentioned above for more information. In case of any Aeres-related questions, please contact For study-related questions, you can contact your Aeres institution directly at: