Frequently asked questions


Read frequently asked questions and answers about the coronavirus in relation to Aeres below. They have been updated on Monday June 14.

Are there education activities on location?

  • Since 1 March, all mbo-students have classes on location at least one day a week.
  • Since April 26, students in higher education follow education on location for a maximum of one day a week.
  • All vmbo-locations will be fully open again from June 7th.

The following applies to all education locations of Aeres and Nordwin College:

  • Practical lessons are allowed;
  • Exams, pre-exams and practical exams are allowed;
  • The schools remain open to the guidance of vulnerable pupils;
  • Internships continue, provided the host companies have the opportunity to do so.

The concrete implementation of education may differ per school and/or institution, depending on the possibilities of organizing this corona-proof. If necessary, the educational locations will inform the parents, pupils, students and course participants about this.

Do I have to inform Aeres if I am infected or if someone I live with is infected?

If you are personally infected, or infection is suspected, please contact the educational institution (pupil/student) or your supervisor (employee) by phone and report sick in accordance with the usual procedure. In accordance with privacy laws, you don’t have to say why you are reporting sick, but please do so in this case to prevent the virus from spreading further. In addition, we recommend that you contact the doctor by phone if necessary.

Please also contact us by phone if someone you’re living with is infected, or infection is suspected. We will then discuss together what this means.

Do I have to stay home if I don't feel well?

Students, trainees and employees are supposed to stay at home when they show flu or cold symptoms.

Trips abroad

Aeres follows the guidelines of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whereby certain zones are indicated with colour codes (green, yellow, red or orange).

Can I travel to an area where avoiding travel is recommended for private reasons?

The RIVM strongly recommends you to not do this. You must be aware that you can endanger the health of colleagues, pupils/students and others by travelling to these areas.

Can I travel abroad for work or study?

With regard to its travel policy, Aeres follows the advice of the Dutch government. As a result, it is currently possible to travel for work or study to countries designated by the government with the codes 'green' or 'yellow' at the time of departure.
There is no travel to countries with the red or orange codes. An up-to-date overview of the color codes per country can be found here.
For students who are staying abroad, or who have booked a trip, they themselves bear the risk with regard to any costs when the code of a country changes from green or yellow to red or orange.